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Your premier destination for transmission services in Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Our skilled technicians understand the intricate workings of your vehicle's transmission, whether it's manual or automatic. With a focus on affordability and quality, we provide a range of services from routine maintenance to complex rebuilds.

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Transmission Maintenace

Our diagnostic process begins with a thorough computer analysis to pinpoint any issues within the control system. This meticulous approach helps us identify whether the problem lies with a sensor or requires mechanical attention. From addressing fluid leaks to replacing essential components, we ensure your transmission operates smoothly.

Image Showing Inside Of A Transmission With Fresh Transmission Oil

Fluid Flush & Replacement

Restore your vehicle's performance with a comprehensive fluid flush. By eliminating built-up grime and sludge, this process revitalizes your transmission. We meticulously remove old oil, introduce cleaning solutions if necessary, and replenish it with fresh fluid to optimize performance.

Our technicians adhere to manufacturer guidelines for precise transmission fluid exchanges, including filter inspections and replacements as necessary to maintain peak performance. Regular fluid changes are essential for preventing overheating and extending transmission lifespan.

Image Of Mechanic Rebuilding A Transmission

Transmission Rebuild

When extensive wear or damage is detected, our technicians may recommend a transmission rebuild. This cost-effective solution involves replacing only severely damaged parts while repairing the rest. Through a detailed diagnostic process, we assess whether a rebuild or replacement is the best course of action for your vehicle.

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Adhering to your manufacturer’s recommended transmission service schedule will allow your vehicle to function as designed. Whether you’re seeing a fluid leak under your car, or you’re experiencing any other signs, bring your vehicle in, as you’ll want to fix any damaged parts as soon as possible. Call or visit Coyle for effective, expert transmission service at an affordable cost.

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